Morag here for 'Roll Call'!

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Morag here for 'Roll Call'!

Post  tehMorag on Sun Oct 10, 2010 3:56 am

Hey guys

Name is Morag (Teh Morag in game)...
I live on the west coast on Canada in the province of British Columbia. I have been playing videos games since I was the age of 7 (I just turned 24) and I do not see any sign of me stopping. The only thing that that has really changed in my taste for games are MMOs.
The great thing about MMOs is that the content is always changing and you can do it with the most random of people. These people might ever become friends that you talk to for the rest of your life Smile
This is officially my 5th mmo that I have played...

-Shattered Galaxy (old school RTS MMO)
-Ragnarok Online
-WoW (do not know if I will be going back for cata or not)
-FFXI (for a short time -- friends stopped playing... they played for 5 or so years lol)

As for my WoW experience... profile:
I have been playing since almost the launch of the game (about 2 months off)
But I have downed every boss the game has offered (except heroic Lich King, heroic Sindy, and heroic halion 25 man)
This is the first 'real' break I have taken from the game since I started playing...
But now I am here playing FFXIV lol

I hope to see you guys around in game

~Scott H

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Now that we have Reviewed

Post  Soul on Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:08 am

Nice extensive mmo background! Glad to have you aboard ^^. Although we haven't reached a point in the game where a lot organized grouping is needed you can bet your ass were going to be doing it. Love to have input from you and everyone else in the LS. Cya in-game bro.


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